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Online Consultations

For patients who prefer to do an online consultation, Dr. Adrián offers plastic surgery consultations via common video conferencing software, that allows for a safe and confidential plastic surgery consultation online.

This process allows you to send Dr. Adrián detailed information of the procedure (s) you are interested in and allows him to evaluate your specific case and discuss your interests in detail.

To request an online consultation, simply use our contact form, or use the link below, and indicate on the form that you’re interested in having an online consultation.

Once your information is submitted, a member of Dr. Adrián’s team will contact you directly to schedule an appointment via FaceTime or Skype. Dr. Adrián will provide you with his expert feedback in order for you to make a well informed decision.

There is an online consultation fee of $50 USD and this fee does apply to surgery cost if you choose to schedule.

We look forward to your online consultation!